Funds Needed to Reach Goal: $2,000,000

Donation Opportunities:

  • $500K Naming Rights to Education Center
  • $250K Naming Rights to Library
  • $100K Naming Rights to Individual Classrooms
  • $100K Naming Rights to Community Meeting Room
  • $50K Naming Rights to Computer Room
  • $25K Naming Rights to Commemorative Garden
  • $10K Personalized Stepping Stones in Garden
  • $5K to $1K Recognized Benefactors/Donors

We can only hope that you will support our efforts and help us complete this Community and Education Center for the children and families that live in the Northwest neighborhood of West Palm Beach. Each and every gift, no matter how small or how big, brings us one step closer to making this dream become a reality.

For additional information about making a donation, please contact Gerald Kisner or Kevin Jones by phone at (561) 832-8338. Or contact us by email at and checks payable to TAB Development, Inc., 801 8th St., West Palm Beach, FL 33401

Any amount donated to the The U.B. Kinsey Community and Education Center is welcomed and appreciated.